Weekly Round Up: 4

Friday, 6 November 2015

Question of the Week:

How do you keep your nutrition clean and what is your favorite go-to snack?

Jessica (@healthy.happy.jess): The way I keep my nutrition clean is by planning my meals every week. I try to take time every Sunday to write down my meals and grocery lists for the week ahead. If I plan accordingly and take the time to ensure I have plenty of healthy snacks/meals in the house, I find my eating is much more likely to stay on track. My mantra is.. if you keep clean food in the house, you will eat clean food! This also works the other way around.. so I try to refrain from keeping chips, donuts, cookies..(or whatever your weakness may be) in the house! Lately, my favorite go-to snack has been whole wheat toast topped with peanut butter, banana coins and drizzled with honey! It keeps me full ​and is sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Hannah (@hannah_latay_bbg): The best way I can ensure a clean diet for myself is not allowing bad food in my house! I try not to buy junk food or over processed items! I try not to have a lot of snack items period. Just because they tend to be high calorie and unrealistic to consume the actual snack ratio! Lol! If I want something sweet then it's typically banana "nice cream" or a homemade baked item! I have found if I have to leave my house and go an get the bad food, or have to make it, then I typically don't! As far as day to day meals, Everything I make is homemade not processed and clean! I use a lot of fresh ingredients and make everything from scratch. It surprisingly cuts out a lot of unnecessary additives that way! My go to snack currently is dried mangos! I love love love them! They are good source of vitamin C and A, plus they have antioxidants! There is a high natural sugar content, so I limit myself to a few pieces! Still it definitely curbs my sweet tooth! 

Bianca (@bianca_bonus): I keep my nutrition clean by cutting out dairy and fried food from my diet. (dairy because I'm lactose intolerant 😉) I also drink lots of water throughout the day and avoid flavored drinks and alcohol. I love fruit and vegetables so I have it almost every meal. My go-to snacks are almonds, cashews, granola, protein bars, and vegetable crudités. ❤️ My diet is pretty flexible because I am such a foodie and I love connecting with people over food! My favorite treat is the chocolate and vanilla freeze from @pressedjuicery. It's non-dairy and so good. 

Nutrition is one of my favorite topics! I am SO thankful for these women that I admire sharing their secrets and dos/don'ts! For me, I have found portion containers my best friend, and I currently am experimenting with carb back loading! This means I'm only consuming carbs at night with dinner... and it's in the form of sweet potatoes or potatoes (since Hungary doesn't have sweet potatoes). My portion containers come with the nutrition program that I offer to my challengers. My personal favorite go-to snack is my PB + Choc Superfoods Shake. It is PACKED with superfoods that keep me full for at least 3 hours (yes I timed it to see hehe), and it keeps my intense sugar cravings at bay... which is crucial to my success! 

If we're being real, where is your nutrition at currently? Are you looking for accountability and support? I am! And to find that, I create 30-day challenges each month where I work alongside other women to clean up our eating, exercise daily and hit our goals. Feel free to shoot me an email: sownwithstrength@gmail.com if you are interested in joining me! I will only be taking on 10 women!

Look forward to chatting! Make it a great day all! 

xx Court

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