Let Hard In

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

When things get hard, most of us assume it's not right; something needs to be fixed. 

Your marriage... It gets hard; all of a sudden hard equates to is this marriage even right? 

Your faith... It gets hard to trust; all of a sudden hard equates to doubt and you doubt if you even have faith? 

Your job... It gets hard; you don't get a pay raise when you deserve one, your colleagues gossip about you, your boss takes advantage of your kindness, your effort isn't matching the payback. All of a sudden you question if this is even the right job for you? Maybe you should begin job hunting to see what's out there?

Your class at school... Gets hard; your teacher grades unfairly, homework is too much; you don't want to study it anyway. All of a sudden hard equates to is this even the right class to take? Should I switch teachers? 

Your friendships... Get hard; your friend didn't include you recently in her weekend plans, or she forgot to message you on your birthday, or she got a boyfriend and hasn't texted you in ages. All of a sudden hard equates to letting go of a friendship you once fought so hard to protect; lack of attention makes you question if you were ever friends to begin with. 

Your fitness journey... Gets hard. Your not seeing results, it's not paying off, you're tired. Hard equates to this program DOESNT work. I need a new one or worse, you quit.

Hard. It's hard!! 
It clouds our judgement; it fragments our clarity of thoughts. It puts us on the defense instead of the offense.
It tells you to back down, to retreat, to start over, to replace, to release, to quit..... Do anything but fight against. 


Why can we just press in when it's hard? Why can't we hold on, when our internal instinct pushes you to let go? Why can't we bear the hard because the growth in the pain is worth more than the ease of letting go?

Friend, I hope you stay. Stay in the hard. 

Stay in the marriage. It may feel like it's failing, but it's thrived before, it can thrive again. 

Stay rooted in your faith. It may feel pointless or too quiet at times, but it's been courageous and moved mountains before, it will again. 

Stay in your job. It may feel like a dead-end, but hope gave you wings there before, and hope can be easily restored. It starts with faith. 

Stay in that class. The annoying one with the difficult teacher, because that class will teach you more than someone acing the other class. It will bless you with fortitude. 

Stay with those friendships that are hard. One day the big offenses will be petty, and your gratitude for someone who's walked through all seasons next to you will bring you incredible joy. 

Stay in your fitness routine! One day the routine won't be a grind, and the battle will yield victory. It works, don't give up. 

Stay. The hard is what shapes you. In a world looking for quick fixes, highlight-reel worthy lives, let hard in when she knocks and welcome her lessons with grace and composure. You will be better for it. #riseabove 

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