How to Handle the Holidays as a New Wife Part 1

Friday, 27 November 2015

Christmas Tree in Budapest

As a first-time wife heading into the Holiday season I feel 110% lost on how to "do the holidays". My life doesn't resemble the typical new bride's world where she lives within driving distance of her parents and in-laws. I don't get the privilege of each side fighting for turf + time with us on the day of celebration!

Nope! I'm oceans apart from both sides of our families, with a husband who plays his job through the holidays and is only granted 5-7 days off for Christmas (if he's lucky). So for a girl who's never basted a Turkey, or bought her own Christmas tree... what am I supposed to do without the opportunity to ride the coattails of my mother or mother-in-law?!

Truth Time: Just because I'm worlds away doesn't mean I can't participate in the joy of the Holidays! I can bring the Holiday spirit wherever I live; I can brave the new uncharted territories of the kitchen; and I can chose to celebrate even if it comes with a somewhat annoying cost because I won't be able to save decorations etc. (We move every year- so our belongings are limited to 2 big suitcases each!)

But isn't it true? Life is what you make it!! I can MAKE the holidays rich, full of new traditions, family, love, joy and all things that I miss from home! No need for me to miss out! I can bring the cheer and festivities here! And what better way than to share what I love about them so much with those around us who have never experienced it!

First step, take a deep breath. Literally. I just took a really deep breath. ;)

Second step, I want to brainstorm ways that I can CREATE that Holiday magic as a new wife, overseas homesteader, and healthy living pursuer! (If you have any other ideas I would LOVE to hear yours too!!)

1. Make our own gingerbread and decorate Gingerbread houses!
2. Bake and frost sugar christmas cookies for Josh's team! (Anyone have a cleaner version recipe??)
3. Make a mini-holiday feast and invite over the other Americans on the team!
4. Create new family traditions that we can pass on to our kids
5. Black Friday shopping online! (Yay for being in a different time zone where it's day during everyone else's night hehe)

What are some of your creative ideas to handle the holidays as a new wife?

xx Courtney

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