Wednesday Words: 5 things you may have never known about me

Wednesday, 7 October 2015


5 things you may or may not have known about me... 

1. I'm OBSESSED with hunter rain boots and I saved for months two years ago to purchase my own pair. One of those items I'm extremely proud to wear because it took patience, hard work and effort to purchase. My parent's taught me to earn and save for what you want :) 

2. I have always been a writer, I personally have stacks of Diarys at home filled with entries from the moment I was taught how to write in school. I also collect letters and have a letter from a "boyfriend" from 2nd grade talking about his camping trip with his family!

3. My favorite animal and ONLY thing I've always had on my Christmas that I've never gotten: horses (even though I'm really allergic to them). #struggleisreal

4. I have only ever had 1 pet just for myself and that was a Choc Labrador pup named Bear. One weekend I went on vacation with friends and came home to my parents saying he ran away because of old age and never came back. Never gotten over that heartbreak. I was just 11. 

5. I grew up only wanting independence, a life in the city, with an important job and really nice hair. This all changed the minute I graduated college and realized what I once thought were the most important were actually the least. I lived for a year in China and realized people were the most important. The picture of the life I dreamed of suddenly changed. It became filled with dreams of marriage and kids. When this changed, it was extremely hard to realize I couldn't control when I would get married, much harder than the previous picture where I could control what job I ended up with. I prefer the uncontrollable, sometimes messy, but beautiful chaos of the dream I live now 😉

6. Just for a bonus... I'll share one more thing... I have never enjoyed being told what to do. I actually had a yelling argument with my College coach over it during a track race. I've learned to heed wisdom over the years since then, but it still grinds my grate when people say I can't do something. I've always been one to prove other's wrong. Call me stubborn or sassy or untame... I guess that's why I've always been partial to horses.... They're meant to run free, fast and hard in the beauty of open lands. 

Have a beautiful Wednesday friends
xx Court  

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