Tuesday Transformation: Client turned Coach Spotlight

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

21 Day Fix Results for Dawn

"My name is Dawn, and I’m a wife, Mom, and teacher. I decided to take a leap of faith and improve my health, and I look back now in awe at what one decision has meant to my family.

My husband has been in chronic pain for years. He was diagnosed with Small Fiber Neuropathy, and has low-pain days and high-pain days. And in the past year I was very sick, hospitalized, and on a lot of medication; I hated that my body felt so out of whack. I’ve never been a big person, but last Spring I weighed more than I ever have (not pregnant). I hated trying on clothes, so I barely went shopping. Stepping on the scale was depressing, yet I did it time and again. People told me I had no business worrying about my weight, but they didn't understand my struggle wasn't about what others saw...I was seeking a positive inside-voice, increased energy, and inner-peace. There were so many things I was thankful for in my life, but I yearned to feel better physically and regain my confidence.

I loved Turbo Jam when I did it after my first pregnancy, so I decided to purchase the 21 Day Fix program. I talked my husband into trying it with me. Within the first week, we felt different. The bloated feeling was GONE, our clothes fit better, and we weren’t exhausted at the end of the day. Within two weeks, we were losing inches, and my digestive system was working better than it had my entire life. I have Celiac Disease, and this program is EXACTLY what I needed to feel full since I don’t eat much bread and pasta.  At the end of round one, we lost a combined 20lbs and 12inches. We saw better results in 21 days on that program than we had spending six days a week in the gym and running…and it cost us the same as ONE month of gym fees!  We canceled our gym membership and haven’t looked back!

Round two was even better: I found Courtney’s Instagram feed and joined her AWESOME challenge group.  We drank Shakeology once a day and doubled our results. We learned how to meal prep on Sundays and our weekdays were less-hectic. We've gone from NEVER properly portioning our food to no longer having to use the container-counter because preparing clean, portion-controlled meals has become part of our lifestyle. My husband is running 7-minute miles without the pain he felt just a few months ago. I’m running 5ks whenever I want; I used to have to train for months to finish a race. The best part of round two is that it solidified a habit for life – we feel the difference if we don’t workout, don’t eat enough veggies, don’t drink enough water, don’t eat clean foods, or don't get enough rest. We know how to listen to our bodies and fuel them properly.

I’d have to say that the online group accountability was my favorite part of Courtney’s challenge; on the tough days, the women in my group cheered me on and kept me accountable.  I loved the group element so much that I took a chance and became a coach! I was asked once before by someone else to become a coach, but I declined. I know God had a hand in the timing of Court's email inviting me to join her team…I couldn’t imagine doing this “job” without Team Sown with Strength! I get to help others on their fitness journeys, make extra income to save for a family trip to Disney, and am surrounded by a group of kind, compassionate, supportive, Jesus-loving women…becoming a coach has truly been such a blessing in my life!  

At the end of each day, I get to tuck in two beautiful boys and lay beside my best friend for life. Amidst the struggles, I’ve been infinitely blessed. The physical changes are just that, physical. But the changes in my heart, mind, and soul are truly life-altering. For the first time in my life, I feel really, REALLY good physically and more energetic and at peace, and I know I made that happen with hard work and a healthy lifestyle. My family is healthier and we will be Disney-bound next year – win, win!

My focus is being strong, not skinny…healthy, not starving…centered, not stressed.  It feels so good to be at peace in mind, body, and spirit. ANYONE can feel like this! You'll want to spread this good-feeling around! Believe me, you will NOT regret spending a few dollars a day to create a new, healthy life-style! 

Thanks for taking a chance on me, Court! ❤"

If you are looking for support on your journey or a way to inspire others as a coach, I would love to hear from you. sownwithstrength@gmail.com

Happy Tuesday Transformation my Friends! 

xx Court

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