Tuesday Transformation: Client Highlight

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

SWS Client Feature:

"Hi all, my name is Angelina and like many of you it was not too long ago that I started this crazy journey. About two months ago, Courtney contacted me about the possibility of joining one of her challenge groups. I gave birth to my second child 7 months ago and unbeknownst to Courtney I was very overweight, tired, had no energy to keep up with my two kids under two, work a very busy real estate job from home, and felt so bad about my appearance that I didn't even want my husband to see me get dressed! I was miserable. Courtney's message came at just the right time and I can never truly express my gratitude to her (or Autumn Calabrese) for changing my life! 

5 weeks ago I started my first round of 21 Day Fix. I remember crying almost the whole first week and thoughts continually ran through my head... How did I let myself get this fat? I have to start all over from the bottom, I can't do this, I hate you Autumn, I miss sugar... It was a rough first week. But not only did I survive, I triumphed! By the second week I was lighter, faster, stronger, and my stomach had adjusted so much that I was no longer hungry all the time. Shakeology helped reduce my sugar cravings and I knew I was past the worst of it. Over the next few weeks I hit highs and lows-- days where pushing play was easy, and days when I had to force myself to do it. But I can honestly say, it was more rewarding on the days where I wanted to do anything else than complete my workout, to finish and conquer the "can't" in my head. 

I'm now one week away from finishing my second round and I'm able to do things I never thought I could that first week. What I loved most about 21 Day Fix is getting started is literally as easy as pressing play and using the containers. I'm a busy mom and I just don't have much down time throughout the day. Prep is key.. I make all my lunches for the week on Sunday so I'm not tempted to make bad food choices during the day. I do my 30 minute workout during my kids naps so I have no excuses later on when I'm tired and just want to kick my feet up. For me, working out at noon and then having my Shako was the best way to get through the long afternoon stretch when I used to snack a lot and was always hungriest. Not only was the program simple to follow, but having the challenge group made a world of difference. I had people to be accountable to, a coach to look to for guidance and encouragement. A team. That's really what it felt like.. I had a whole team behind me, pushing me to do and give my best every single day. We share recipes, struggles, victories, and Courtney leads with love and passion, starting everyday with truths from Gods word. She is amazing!

My advice for anyone beginning their own fitness/weight loss/management journey is to take it one day at a time. Courtney didn't let us weigh ourselves the whole 30 days and it was so hard for me but it really helped me focus on how I felt through the 30 days and not just what the scale told me. I got to feel my pants get lighter and face get thinner. So friends, take it one day at a time and bring it every single day. You won't regret it. I've had a wonderful 5 week body transformation thus far, but I assure you, the biggest change has been on the inside. I am happier, healthier, can keep up with my kids without feeling exhausted all the time, and can feel confident loving on my husband. God has been so faithful these last 5 weeks and I am so excited to see what the next 5 and beyond will bring.

My current results - weight lost: 17lbs
                                    Inches lost: 11"

I'm such a proud coach of this incredible mother! She has day in and day out put in hard work, sweat + tears, and in the end has crushed her goals so far! She never let excuses, tiredness of being a mom and full time career woman prevent her from focusing on her Challenge. She's not slowing down, and going after her 3rd round with us next week! She is the exact meaning of this quote: "Strength: a river cuts through rock not because of it's power, but because of it's persistence". She has been sown with strength and discovered this by taking our Challenge! SO proud of you words cannot even say Lina!! You're amazing, and a huge inspiration to me!!

Interested in seeing similar results or experiencing your own transformation?? Email me and let's get you ready for our 30 day Challenge. Next one beginning Oct. 19th!! 

Angelina's 42 Day Progress: Left photo Before, Middle and Right photo After

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