Round Up Week 2

Friday, 23 October 2015

Question of the week:

What has been one of your biggest obstacles on your fit journey and how are you overcoming it?

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Elizabeth (@lizbet_bbg): The biggest obstacle on my fit journey has definitely been healthy eating. At first I felt that if I wasn’t eating a clean diet, I was going to ruin everything I had worked so hard for, which left me discouraged time and time again. I was forgetting the very important, “it’s a lifestyle, not a diet” part of the deal. I just needed to realize a few things. First of all, I shouldn’t feel guilty for indulging in my favorite foods as long as I’m not doing so every meal because if you don’t allow yourself a little flexibility, then what is the point on working so hard? I found a drive and always focus on that, set goals I can accomplish, and reward myself when I reach them. And lastly, I leave everything on the mat; every ounce of sweat, energy, and desire. That way, there’s no looking back.   

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Colleen (@colleenmorganfitness): One of the biggest challenges I've faced has been consistency. I feel most satisfied when I know in my HEART I have given it 100% during a workout, did my absolute best to eat clean, and received the proper rest. To remain consistent, I set S.M.A.R.T. goals. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-framed goals that I live by each week. I began exercising a little over 4 years ago and only became consistent when I started using S.M.A.R.T. goals. Now, I start off each week with the goal in mind to complete 3-4 resistance workouts, 3 LISS sessions, and 2 HIIT sessions. Nutritionally, I found "flexible dieting" to work best. There are 21 meals per week. I know I am able to eat 1-3 "cheat" meals per week and still eat 85-95% clean. Setting goals that are realistic for ME provides me with the satisfaction and sense of balance to keep going! Set your goals, stick to them, and be PROUD of yourself!

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Lauren (@drquinnmedwmn): My work and travel schedule and frequent injuries are my biggest challenges. I am an orthopedic and sport physical therapist, I treat patients from 7:30am to 6:30pm during the week and have been traveling a minimum of 3 weekends per month.  With long days and inconsistent travels I plan ahead, I'll wake early for double days, set an appointment with myself that isn't to be interrupted, and modify workouts to the equipment I have available.  My goals are my motivation, with my eyes focused ahead I implement effort instead of excuses.  I'm training for a power lifting competition, figure competition, running races, and crossfit open; with the variety and demand of my workouts I have encountered several significant injuries.  My injuries have been incredibly frustrating, but they haven't stopped me...I again return to effort instead of excuses.  If I've injured a lower extremity, then I'll focus on upper body, skill development, and/or a different form of cardio...I get creative, but I refuse to quit.  Thankfully, I'm able to create my own rehab program and recruit the help of my colleagues to help optimize my healing to safely and efficiently resume training.

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Courtney (@sownwithstrength): My biggest challenge is balance. I have the discipline to exercise everyday, and generally can eat clean- but I struggle to not binge when I eat clean for so long. If I feel restricted, I will binge. So I'm working on Macro/flexible dieting. I find cleaner recipes of my favorite cheats so I feel I'm getting a treat in but not overdoing it. For example, before I started cleaning up my nutrition I literally homemade choc. chip cookies everyday. Now, I will only have them every now and then and I make a clean version of them. This allows me to not feel the need to binge because I've gotten small doses of treats. Similar to Colleen above :) The goal is to pursue as healthy of a lifestyle as you can maintain! It's not quick fix or diet. It's a long term decision to pursue daily nutrition and exercise. 

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Kelsey (@mysweatlife): One of my biggest obstacles on my for journey was letting go of the unhealthy and unrealistic ideals of how I was "supposed" to look and how much I was "supposed to weigh. It took time, but trusting the process and looking back at these photos helps me realize that it truly isn't about being thin, it is about being healthy. I was able to finally let go of the panic of seeing the number on the scale rise, and be proud of getting strong instead of worrying about being skinny. ❤️❤️❤️

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