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Thursday, 1 October 2015

When I began my own business as a fitness + nutrition Coach, I set three goals for myself to achieve in 1 year's time. If I hit these three goals, I would feel successful and trust that the business is worthwhile.  My three goals were:

1. Hit Diamond Rank (which means you have 8+ coaches personally sponsored by you, with 2 of those coaches who have hit Emerald (meaning they each had 2 coaches they sponsored). This rank is quite monumental because it is really where the sustainable part of your income develops, and it shows that you're serious about being a Leader + Mentor.

2. Earn $500 at least per month to cover my student loan expenses while we lived overseas.

3. Help 1 person.

I sit here with the humblest of hearts, entirely in awe at My God. He has done this magnificent work in my business in just 4 months. 1/3 of the time I thought it would take. God is MIGHTY.

I'm not saying that because he has conquered those two feats like it was nothing. No, I'm saying this because when you chose to walk in obedience to Him, He provides- MIGHTILY! His hand of favor blesses the righteous. (Psalm 5:12)

In my journey, I was faced with several opportunities to either chose obedience to God's Spirit and His word, or to chose my own avenue of what I thought would create success. I stumbled a bit, and I fumbled a lot.... but in the end I chose obedience. I chose to live out His calling over the worlds. I'm nothing without him, I wouldn't work without him, I wouldn't want to lead others or build a business without him. Simply due to the mere fact that I'm incapable apart from him! He is my source of energy, my source of joy, my sources of "God-moments", connections, and success. All I am, all I have, I owe to him.

Because of God's gracious hand, I'm Diamond.
Because of God's gracious hand, I'm earning twice the amount I hoped.
Because of God's gracious hand, I've helped way more than 1 person.

Because of God.

Here is a short video of me sharing from my heart how much I'm thankful for my job and what it means to me to hit Diamond:
Click Here

What if you took a leap of faith too?
What if you soared instead of fell?
What if you gave your passions a voice?
What if you helped just 1 person?
What if you improved your health?
What if you walked in community?
What if you were the next Diamond Coach?
Would it all be worth the risk then?

Fan the flame of faith, dull the voice of fear, give yourself a fighting chance and live the life you dream.

You are worth it.

Email me if you're interested in the opportunity: sownwithstrength@gmail.com
or Find me and message me on my FB page: Here

Happy October 1
 xx Court

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