Clean Eating is NOT a diet

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

I had never been "educated" on proper nutrition. I just ate good food that my momma made which was fairly well-rounded. But I didn't know portion sizes. I just knew that as a competitive runner, I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted without seeing a physical changes. Like seriously, I could put away 6-10 pancakes for breakfast and I stayed skinny! I would make fun of others who chose to eat healthy because in my opinion: I thought they wanted to lose more weight... and they were missing out on enjoying some really good cookies out there ;)

The past year, I began to educate myself. After graduating college, I stopped running but my eating remained the same. The food I was consuming began to sit poorly on my body in ways it hadn't before. I didn't like these changes, and knew something needed to change. I began to read, learn, Insta-stalk those who did macro-counting. I wanted to know my options and the best thing for my body. I became a sponge- and haven't stopped learning!

So what did I originally think "clean eating" was:
1. A Diet
2. Eating Salads everyday/everymeal
3. Counting EVERY Calorie
4. Never eating dessert
5. Misery

What clean eating ACTUALLY is:
1. A Lifestyle
2. Eating 5-6 well-balanced meals (WITH carbs)
3. Proper portions so you don't need to count calories
4. Eating 90/10 or 80/20 where you allow room for your favorite sweets (I actually chose clean versions of my favorite sweets like Cookies, you can find my favorite recipe Here)
And SO much more!

Check out this article for a very simple + basic understanding of clean eating Here!

The key is to learn what works best for your body, create new habits, and educate yourself on what food best fuels your muscles/body!

xx Coach Court

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