Who I am

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sydney Harbor, Australia
I am a Coach.
I'm not a fitness expert, model or certified nutritionist.
I don't have a degree in Business or Marketing.

I'm simply a Coach.
A wife to my forever love who I prayed and waited for since I was 13.
A Follower of Jesus.
I'm a sister, a daughter, a friend, a basketball rebounder and a team player.
I'm a hopeless romantic and a hopeless believer.
I'm passionate about the legacy I will leave behind in this world.
I'm a competitor, a cheerleader and a go-getter.
I'm a ex- college athlete with a gift of leadership.
I'm known by others as a writer, a shining light, and a tad bit funny-crazy (ok maybe a lot).
I have student loans I once thought I would never pay off.
I'm a wanderer who can't get enough of seeing this world.
I battle self-doubt, self-criticism, and body issues but have chosen to overcome them by recognizing my identity in Christ.
I used to be afraid of the weight room, and now I dominate it.
I used to hate my stomach the most, and now I am proud of it.
I'm inspired and passionate about the life I'm living, the lives being transformed and the coaches I work with.
I'm stubborn and when told something is impossible, I will work ten times harder to prove it is- and I can.
I get really bouncy-excited about the future, and the work day ahead of me.
I work with the most inspirational people and we are shining joy back into an area of life that far too often lacks it.
I quit my day jobs (yes plural) to follow my husband, and lay down my passions for his dreams.
I found my dreams come alive on this road I thought would be sacrifice.
I am a Coach.

In every job I've ever had, I've had a hunger to lead and move up. When I got married, I knew this dream of mine would most likely never be given wings. Simply because I didn't have the time in 1 place to work my way up. And to be honest, even if I had stayed in one place more than a year, I knew the struggle wouldn't be my own- I would have to climb the ladder on someone else's terms, ideas, opinions, time frame. Little did I know that in pursuing my role as a Godly wife, I would be given an opportunity to create + live out my dream job!!

I want to share this with anyone who can relate; who finds themselves not living their dreams, not pursuing their passions and simply working for the paycheck. I'm hosting a Sneak Peek into Coaching this Monday 9/28/15 with my team on Facebook and want to invite you to join!

No pressure, no commitments of any kind, simply an open mind to come here what coaching is to us :)

Comment below or message me through Facebook (Click on the Facebook icon to the right) if you want to check it out! US and Canada only right now (but if you are overseas, I have a waitlist and would love to put your name on it!)

Live YOUR best life today my friends! That is who God made you to be!
xx Court

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Catalina Island, California
Paris, France


  1. I don't see a Facebook icon. But I wanna Check it out :)

    1. Hey Girl! I would love to have you check it out! Friend me- Courtney Duinker- should be the only one ;)

    2. NEVERMIND! I already friended you!! So I will add you to the group Monday!! Excited to have you check it out :)