What's in YOUR water?

Friday, 25 September 2015

How much water do you drink?

I have ALWAYS loved my water. I think mostly because I grew up as a competitive runner... and y'all know what they say about a man in a dessert- same for water to a runner! Even after my running days, water has remained a consistent part of my daily lifestyle. But I have to intentionally keep it that way.

The majority of us don't even drink 25% of the water we should be. One water bottle a day is not enough. So how much water should you drink??

Your DAILY (yup-DAILY) water intake should be half of your weight in ounces. 

For example: I weight around 145 (yea- we're that close I'm sharing my numbers ;), so my daily water intake should be 72.5 oz!! That is ALOT! Even to an avid drinker like me! This means I should be consuming a daily minimum of 4 16.9 oz water bottles-whew! Hold on- let me take a sip of water to swallow that!

So why water??

"What is a miracle hiding in plain sight, a miracle that's not just in your face- it IS your face. And your skin. And your hair. And your organs. And your muscles (70% water), and your fat and your bones (22% water) and your mirror, your toenails, and your brain and your nervous system! A miracle that is all around us- it IS us!" -SuperLife

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that we drink water. Our body exists because of it! What can you do to change your habits with water?

1. Start Small! If you're not used to water, and soda or coffee is more your beverage of choice, then begin my increasing your intake a few more ounces each day. Add an extra 8 oz of water each day and build until you reach full capacity.

2. Get Creative! Water CAN be tasty! For example, my mom cannot stand water. She has always been all about her Sunkist or Diet Coke. Water was a no-go for her. But, she realized the harm she was doing to her body long term with the soda. In hopes of stopping that bad habit, she took up drinking water. Her new habit of drinking water only became possible when she used little Crystal Light flavor packets! These small packets can help you consume your daily intake.

3. Infuse it!! Water is versatile and can take on many forms beyond the flavor packets of Crystal Light! I personally love showing up to fancy spas where they have cucumber and lemon infused water to sip on! I will sip that stuff all day... so a good tip is to make that my all day drink and not save it for those abnormal spa trips! Check out the various ways in the image below!

4. Sip it! I discovered in college that the type of water bottle I used was instrumental to the success of my water intake. These Eddy Camelbak water bottles kept me sipping straight through the day! I LOVE the top because it made me feel like I wasn't drinking as much! Personally, I much preferred this water bottle, over the open top.

What tips do you have for drinking enough water every day??

xx Coach Court

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