Transformation Tuesday: Why I chose to become a Coach

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Why Coach?
Why have I fallen in love with Beach body products, lifestyle, and coaching opportunity?
Why do I enjoy being a stay at home wife?

To put it simply: it has completely transformed my world.

To put it more detailed:
The first two times I lived overseas for longer than 1 week, I had detrimental battles with both nutrition and fitness. My first experience was in Uganda for 6 weeks as a missionary. I struggled a lot with the rules of leadership during this trip because I hadn't been away from home ever for this long before. I was a sophomore at Westmont College, and so my parents bought an international phone for me to use while living there. The purpose of the phone was just to call them. For some reason (that fails my memory now) the leadership team decided I wasn't allowed to use the phone unless it was an emergency. (which never happened) I couldn't fathom this! I was in a completely new environment, with no access to contact my parents. And BTW... I am a huge Daddy's girl. The inability to at least hear there voice during this entire trip was devastating to me and the only way I knew how to hand my anger towards the leaders and my discomfort of living in a new place was with food. I also wasn't allowed to run or exercise in public. So that hurt too as I was still a scholarship athlete on the Cross Country team. During this trip, I gained at least 15 pounds in just 6 weeks. I bought a large box of cookies and stashed them under my bed as some sort of rebellion. Then I would eat 1 pack a day. It was extremely embarrassing. Most of my problem here came from my own lack of maturity to handle change, but the other aspect was lack of education on how to care for myself when food, drink, exercise, and environment changes. Then my second experience overseas was while living in China for 1 year. You can read that story here.

As I reflect on who I was before Beach Body, I can't help but sigh. There was so much I didn't know. So much I just let slip to the wayside for lack of education, lack of trying, and ultimately lack of discipline. At the least, I knew it probably wasn't best for my "health" if I splurge on cookies. However, my mind convinced my body it was needed. I craved the internal satisfaction I didn't find in the comforts of home.

Have you ever been in this place? A foreign place? An uncomfortable place? Perhaps it's not overseas travel for you. Perhaps it's simply College, or starting a new job, or moving to a new location, or getting married, or having a kid, or breaking up with a longtime boyfriend, or just wanting to feel good in your own skin. There are many changes in our lives as humans which bring with it intense of unfamiliar emotions. The reason why I chose to coach is because I've discovered how to be in those places, and not lose myself in the process. I don't panic moving overseas now, because I know how to manage my fitness + nutrition! I want to help others face these emotions with strength, education, support, and physical wellness!

To me, life is simple. I want to help people. I want to live life by MY design, with my own schedule centered around what's most important to me: my God and His people.

There is no better job than working as a Beach Body coach!! Like WHYYYY though?!? Good question ;) Because guess what I get to do?? LIKE THE MOST AWESOME JOB DESCRIPTION EVER!

1. I get to wake up when I want, and go to bed when I want!! (At least until the babies come ;)
2. I get to take the day off and go explore with my husband, or I can work the day away like crazy if he's at an away game!!
3. I get to change lives!! No really, like I get to do what doctors do!! I help people get better!!
4. I get to daily be in communication, equipped by and challenged with a community of AMAZING individuals who are on my team doing the same thing as me. It's like I NEVER graduated from recreational sports!! We get to play awesome games, win prizes, earn money, get better, stay fit, stay educated, take juice (Shakeology) breaks, go to camps- the WHOLE lot! I'm a firm believer that kids live the life we should always have- a life of PURE DELIGHT. This is the Beachbody team life!
5. I get to personally work on my own development as a wife, a follower of Christ, a coach, a mentor, an educator, a leader, etc. I'm encouraged by my company to take 10 min minimum a day to read for personal development.
6. I get to be paid for being fit and eating clean! Raise your hand if you wanted to be a professional athlete at some point growing up?! I sure did!! Welp- you guessed it! That's my life! Part of my job is taking care of myself physically and hitting my goals!
7. I'm dreaming big!! I don't have to wait for a pay raise, or certain level of certification or number of years worked in the company to move up- I move up based on hard work. It's a fair structure; everyone starts at 0 and anyone can succeed- and most who stay in it consistently succeed BIG! Now, I'm dreaming with my husband of finishing my student loans in 1 year (which is substantial-thanks Westmont ;), building/designing our own home, continuing to travel when Basketball finishes and having kids!
8. I get the best access to products that actually work. No really- like they do! They're workouts with nutrition programs (because let's face it you can't have progress in one without the other), Shakeology (the best Super foods/dense nutrition drink available- cold processed to not lose any nutrients and more vegetables than one can consume raw), and SUPPORT! We don't sell products and walk away- I get to be a part of people's lives and experience with them the beauty of transformation!
9. I actually eat my vegetables!!! #lifeswap!
10. It allows me the gift of being the once place I want to be most: cheering on my husband in the stands of dozens of stadiums across the world!!

Those are just to list a few of the amazing benefits to being a coach! I could go on and on, but I've got an awesome job to get back to ;)

Have you ever considered coaching? What's stopping you?
>Money? (Good news!- you earn money and every month I've worked, I've covered my Shako costs- so that's not really a valid reason to me ;)
>Sales? (Good news! I don't push products- I share what makes a difference to me and invite others to join me because it's to their benefit- just as a doctor, nurse, physical trainer, teacher etc would do- we share in our jobs because we've been educated on the benefits and know that sharing it with others would benefit them too!)
>Social media? (Good news! We have training! You would not be alone in learning this ;)
>Fear of Failure (Good news! I had that too :) And the only thing I can say to this- is the only way to fail in this business is to give up- every coach who succeeds will tell you it did not come easy, it did not come from already having money, or any other way except hard work, self-belief and an non-quitting attitude. Plus, should you chose it's not right for you- the only costs you have a business starter are investing in your own health with a challenge pack- that's hardly wasting any money- but of course this is coming  from a coach who prioritizes caring for herself hehe)

I think you should give it a go!

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