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Monday, 14 September 2015


Sundays are notoriously my days off. Anyone else like this? I ran cross country & track from High School on and became acclimated as a competitive runner to take a day off of training on Sundays. And this is still my routine- for this reason I just absolutely LOVE Sundays. It means relaxation and rest in my world! Yet, some Sundays I come across excess time and a desire to mix up my routine. This generally happens after a week of inconsistent workouts. With this past week being our first full week in Bulgaria, my workouts were exactly that: inconsistent. The toll of traveling overseas, getting settled in our new place and adjusting to the time difference- it was all I could do to get just a handful of workouts in. So yesterday, my husband mentioned his teammate wanted to play golf. With Sunday being HIS only day off as well, I willingly agreed encouraging him to go enjoy the time doing something he's come to really love in his off season this year (much to my bore- golf ;)Sorry to all you golfers out there!It is just NOT my thing hehe).

With an afternoon absolutely open, I decided to mix it up and get a workout in. So I grabbed my computer and pulled up my Beach Body on Demand Account. This is an awesome resource that Beach Body offers to people who need to stream their workouts on the go and not take their DVDs with them. Or it allows them to have access to preview any Beach Body fitness program as much as they want! Perfect for me because when we move overseas, I just bring my computer and it has my purchased programs stored on my BB on Demand (or BOD as we call it) account. If you're interested in hearing more details about the cost of a BOD account- please feel free to email me [].

Downward Dog in PiYo
After opening my account, I clicked on PIYO. The PIYO program is our featured program for the month of September. This means that for the whole month of September you can buy the PIYO fitness program + nutrition guide and 30 days of Shakeology for just the price of Shakeology! It's a 12% discount from it's original price and a proceed of it goes to International Justice Mission! Which is my favorite part! Recognizing the amazing offer this is, I decided to check out the fitness side of it myself so I could share my thoughts with anyone interested in purchasing it!

PIYO Review:

What is PiYo?
PiYo is a low-impact high-intensity fitness program fusing the two worlds of pilates and yoga to help sculpt/tone your body. In my personal opinion, it is a wonderful hybrid program that delivers the results of Pilates and the flexibility of Yoga while creating a cardio workout through fast-paced fluid movements.

Who is PiYo for?
All fitness level + Anyone looking to increase their flexibility, strengthen their core, lose weight, lean down, and protect their body with low-impact moves. For me, I'm someone who has been too accustomed to fast-action sports to calm down enough for a Pilates or yoga class at my local gym. And I miss out on the benefits of core toning and flexibility because I don't work on these types of movement! However, with PiYo, I actually enjoyed the workout and get to experience the benefits to both pilates + yoga. The workouts move fast enough where I don't get bored but still delivers incredible results because my heart rate is maintained at the fat-burning zone. That is a HUGE bonus in my opinion. Another amazing bonus, is the fact that it's a high-intensity workout but low-impact. I ran for so many years, that my knees are not the same they used to be. For anyone looking to achieve maximum results but haven't been able to do much because of their joints- this would be perfect for you!

How long are the PiYo workouts?
The average PiYo workout is between 25-45 minutes.

Is there equipment needed for PiYo?
Just a mat and yourself! No weights or any miscellaneous equipment!

What is the cost?
I used Ankle Weights to add a bit of an extra Challenge into the PiYo wod
As I mentioned before, during the month of September you can purchase the PiYo Challenge Pack for the cost of Shakeology alone... $140 breaking down to just about $4/a day (which includes the cost of 1 of your meals for 30 days).
In the Challenge Pack you will receive:
- PiYo 60 Day Fitness Program + Bonus workout
- PiYo Get Lean Nutrition Program
- 30 Days of Shakeology
- 1 on 1 Coaching with me
- Workout Guide
- Quick Start Guide
- Measuring Tape to track your progress
- 30 Day access to my private Challenge Groups (next one begins Sept. 21)

My Stats post workout:
Burned about 200 calories, my heart rate remained between 115-120 (fat burning zone)throughout, and it was hard! Especially the PiYo push-ups!

Pre v. Post Workout

Interested in taking the PiYo Challenge? 
Join me! Email me at with "PiYo" in the subject line!

All I know is this program is NECESSARY for me to do because
1. I need to work on my flexibility- it's horrible and my back/neck suffer as a results of tight muscles.
2. I need to work on my core strength- push ups are still a bit hard for me and the fusion of the two worlds in this program would definitely catch me up to speed.
3. I have fitness goals I want to hit, and I can definitely reach them if I begin to take the pressure off of my joints in jumping etc.

Will you be the next PiYo victor??

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