A Fairytale Love Story Part 1

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Always been a fairytale dreamer

My steps fell heavy up the stairs. As I made it to the top, I took three steps, threw my bag down and collapsed on the carpeted floor. My dad looked up from his computer where he was working. His home office served as our upstairs "bonus room". He smiled at me and I gave a small grimace back.

"Dad..." I began. Must have been the tone of my voice (or the fact that I didn't use my self-nominated nickname for him "Flack") because he immediately put the paper in his hand down and rotated towards me. Full attention, my heart begged for me to be stronger, but my mind went full steam ahead... "do you think I'll EVER get married?" I breathed out the words with full-blown frustration.

The shock of my question registered in his eyes. His gentleness carried him forward as he addressed my question. I didn't want to ask. I didn't want to question God. I didn't want to look weak or worried, or even wander down the path of maybe I'm one of those ones who "aren't meant to ever get married". I knew I would never be comfortable with that idea- and I wanted to steer clear of considering the possibility that perhaps God had other plans; plans without marriage. I couldn't. I couldn't steer clear- that train of thought was staring me down and barreling toward me.

I was 24. Only 1 3-month relationship in my dating history. Living at home, in student loan debt up PAST my eyeballs, with a church/work community 45 minutes down the freeway. Life was a bit hum-drum for me. I loved my family, loved my friends, and loved my job... but I wasn't going to be out of debt anytime soon with my paycheck (meaning I would be living in my parent's house until something else changed), I didn't live close enough to really go on dates with anyone from my community 45 min away, and I longed for travel, adventure, an upside-down life full of love.

My dad looked at me, smiling at all the ways he knew about me. He saw the little freckle-faced girl staring back at him asking him to tie my shoe. He saw the teenager winning her first Cross Country race as a freshman. He saw the girl who graduated college and took off to serve a year in China as an English Teacher. He saw my quirky ways, my messy habits, my stubborn pride, my compassionate heart, my love for Jesus and my inability to sit still. He knew me. Good and bad, as my father, he had bared witness to it all. He knew my tendencies to worry, but He also knew my dreams had always been bigger than my fears.

He replied, slow, and with great measure, "Yes. I think you will... one day get married. I'm not sure when, and I'm not sure who... but you will, one day. God has someone for you, I'm confident of this."

Sitting on his response, my heart felt a steady rhythm replace the anxious pitter-patter. I smiled, and stood up taking his words with me to my room. Some day. The promise spoken wafted across my heart and found it's home. Some day. This word was enough for me today.

To be continued....

Daddy's Girl