Tuesday Transformation: Coaching-how I went from no way to yes please!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

It was August 2014 in Sydney, Australia. I sat on my bed in a daze. My mind reeled... No job. Savings dwindling, community absent, and my life fully flipped. A week earlier I had moved across the world for my boyfriend. No job lined up, minimal savings. A parent's worst nightmare for their child.

But, I had made this choice. I believed my boyfriend was the man I was to marry. So I made the leap. Bought a one-way ticket, and didn't look back. With much fear, doubt, panic, worry assailing me, I needed some sort of stability. The job market was tough, with no movement or promise of anything. So I began a fitness journey! I joined in Kayla Itsines' BBG The Kayla Movement and documented my journey on a brand new Insta account. I found myself gaining confidence, security, and positivity around my situation. It didn't matter that I lacked work, or my savings was diminishing- I was doing ONE thing a day for ME and that opened a floodgate of self-believe!!

Walking with a new confidence, I went on interviews that previously would've scared me. I owned it, and walked back out with a job! My first corporate job with a top bank in Australia in the business district! WHAT?! I was amazed. My daily routine gave me hope: I am capable of more than I thought possible. Perhaps it sounds silly, but as I grew athletically from doing 5 burpees to 10 burpees then to 20 without stopping, my confidence grew! As my confidence grew, my belief in self and hope in myself grew too!

I continued my fitness journey by waking up at 4:30 am to get on the train into the city so I was working out by 6 am and at work by 8 am.  Crazy? Yes, but the truth is simple: spending just 1 hour a day on myself physically was feeding my hope, self-belief, and confidence.

As I shared these moments in my journey, a woman on Instagram reached out to me about a coaching opportunity with Beach Body. I had heard of Beach Body before and was completely turned off at the beginning. Thoughts such as "oh I know how that pyramid scheme works" or "no one really makes an income that way" or "you're just trying to earn off my hard work and I'll get nothing" raced through my mind and I instantly shut her down.

Where had my hope, self-confidence and self-belief gone?? The paralysis of my fears, doubts and worry instantly jumped back in and choked out this new opportunity. But this woman was a well-seasoned coach and remained faithful to care for me and check in with me every now and then.

About 4-5 months post first invitation to join, I began contemplating my current work position. I was working for a bank, doing a job that was enjoyable for the most part with amazing colleagues, but kept me away from the one place I wanted to be: with Josh (then boyfriend now husband ;)). With our marriage on the horizon, I knew our life would be full of constant change and moving around the world. I didn't have any desire to go through the job hunt/process every 8 months. I desired to work, I needed to work but I wanted it to be meaningful! Something I was passionate about and could really be others-centered.

With those thoughts percolating my mind and heart, I scrolled through social media. All I saw was this woman's posts about job love and working out and making a difference in others' lives.

Excuse me what?? Cue the angels singing and bright lights shining- this was my ah-ha moment! Hallelujah! This lady was doing EXACTLY what I was ALREADY doing on Instagram, but she was making an income from it, lived as a stay-at-home mom, and to top it all off she was making a difference!! People's lives were changing! In BIG ways!

I prayed about it, I talked with my (at this point) husband. Then, I told my now coach, I was all in. Why? What made me change? How did I go from negative-nancy to optimistic-opal??

I realized the truth: my job/my life is what I make of it. Just like when my fitness journey first began, I could've said the program wasn't for me because I couldn't do the full round of burpees without stopping. Or I could continue working each day harder than the last and believe I was capable to achieving and pursuing my dreams. And that's exactly what I did. I took another leap.

I stopped working at the bank, I joined as a fitness coach and continued sharing my journey as I have all along. God has brought in new friends and my life is full of working hard at a job that I am extremely passionate about. Not only that, but my mind has been blown at the amount of success I personally have had via this business. My concerns and initial thoughts were ignorant and prideful. I've thoroughly been humbled and joyfully became a raving fan about this "job".

What specifically makes me a passionate, raving fan about fitness coaching with Beach Body?

1. My job allows me to prioritize my family. Josh is the most important thing to me outside of my relationship with Jesus Christ. And one day our kids will be right there with him. I want a life that prioritizes them, filled with days of chauffeuring, chaperoning, school parties, birthday parties, playdates, church, vacations, day-trips, and seeing their grandparents! This is a non-negotiable for me. I simply needed BB to make this dream my reality.

2. My job keeps me accountable to a fit, healthy, and balanced lifestyle. I've seen how difficult life gets and unimportant health can become. It is the last thing on the to-do list that somehow never gets done because a million other things trump it. Not now, and not ever. I grew up with the intention to be a fit and healthy mom who played on the floor with her great-grandkids. I still have this dream. Each day I'm making that specific dream a bit more of a reality because of the accountability built into my job as a coach.

3. My job keeps me on track and educated with nutrition. Nutrition was never important to me because I grew up running. I ran long and hard so I could truly eat whatever I want and never see it stay long enough to upset my athletic figure. Then, life after college arrived in all it's curvy glory. So I began to realize how necessary and important the right kind of nutrition was. Now, I have access to the best blend of Super foods and dense nutrition as a coach. I feed myself the veggies I never ate before with my daily Shake. I crave it and surprisingly have lost 5 lbs since starting it 1.5 weeks ago!

4. My job encourages and challenges me to prioritize personal development. I am a big believer in developing myself as a woman of God, as a wife, as a friend, as a business leader, and simply as a human. Possessing a teachable spirit is one of the most valuable things in life. With BB, I have access to powerful/inspirational leaders equipping me with wisdom. I get the opportunity to pay this forward by teaching, mentoring, and equipping my coaches and clients. It's such a gift!!

This is my story. These are a few of my whys.  I could rave on and on about why coaching is the best job in the world (biased I know ;) ) But it's not about me telling you, it's all about you experiencing it for yourself.

So if you've stayed with me this long, let me finish with a few questions...

1. Are you happy with your current job? If yes- keep rocking it!! If no, why not? What is missing?
2. Are you on your own personal fitness journey, and have you ever considered coaching?
3. If so, what is preventing you from joining the team?

I hope you chose to prioritize yourself today. Choose to live your life the way you want, and stop living it by the design of others.

Your life. Your design. Follow your dreams. Follow your passions.

Please feel free to send any questions or inquiries for joining Team SWS as a coach: sownwithstrength@gmail.com

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