Transformation Tuesday

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Have you ever been defeated? I'm not talking about in a game of soccer or basketball. I'm asking about in life. Has something you cared about ever really defeated you? 

I have. I was 22, just out of college living in China teaching English. I had never been to China before, but I moved there 3 months post-graduation. I was teaching, building relationships and seeing a new part of the world! I genuinely loved where I was at but yet I faced one of my biggest battles. One might think what could possibly be wrong? 

Externally: My nutrition and fitness. Internally: an air of defeat, insecurity and slavery. I was defeated at trying to eat right. I was defeated at attempting to exercise. I was defeated by the emotions of missing home; most of the time unconscious. It's not until reflecting on this time, that I realize how defeated I felt and acted as a response. Emotional eating became my coping mechanism. I turned to the foods which most reminded me of home: pancakes/cookies. 

I am so embarrassed to share this, but it's part of my story. Part of what has made me care so much about fitness/nutrition. I was addicted to pancakes and cookies. Might sound silly or you may laugh, but it's not meant to be a joke. It was bad enough that I would eat full batch of cookies and clean it up before a friend came over- hiding all the evidence. Or in between classes I would chow down on anything sweet I could get my hands on to fill myself. I wanted to make myself feel better by filling myself with "comfort food". It was never filling. I pretended I was adapting great. In many ways I was, I even tricked myself. Even though I loved so much of my journey while being there I hated my outward appearance and was defeated by my emotions. It became a cycle of self-hate as I gained weight and lost sight of my confidence and security. I remember looking at myself ashamed: ashamed of the internal battle I faced; ashamed of overeating; ashamed I couldn't help myself by just stopping; ashamed at the appearance in the mirror. 

I've never shared this before. I want to. Why? Because I have been removed from that place, and brought into right balance with eating and self-image. The Lord has redeemed my heart, and corrected my vision. My heart beats for those who hide their feelings or are stuck in a vicious cycle of poor eating habits. My heart beats for the ashamed, the guilt-ridden. I desire to help those who have or are where I've been. There is no shame in your journey. I would love to meet you where you're at on your life journey... If you desire to do so, email me and we can talk about your journey too: πŸ’Œ: 

If you too are on your own journey towards better health, I ask you to consider becoming a coach alongside me. It's not about being fit already or attaining your goals so then you can coach. Coaching is living your lifestyle of fitness and nutrition while having accountability and sharing/inspiring others to pursue the same. It's simple; live your journey, inspire and help others. 

What a difference it makes to have someone to ask you the hard questions, listen to where you're at, guide and coach you to restoring health, and give you a group of people to hold you accountable for 30+ days.

If you simply want to join my next challenge group it begins August 17... I would love to find you the perfect fitness program for only 30 minutes a day with portion control nutritional guide. 

Whether as a coach or as a challenge grouper, I would love to take part in your journey tooπŸ’—

My journey so far:

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