Monday Motivation: The simple truth, it's a lifestyle CHOICE

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Monday Motivation: The simple truth, it’s a lifestyle CHOICE

“You always have two choices; your commitment versus your fear” (Sammy Davis, Jr.)

While I have a relatively self-motivated personality, I face seasons where motivation is farrrrrrr from me. So what do I do? How do I manage to re-motivate myself + sustain a lifestyle committed to fitness + good nutrition?

I remind myself of this simple truth: Fitness + nutrition are lifestyles. Together they either reflect balance, commitment and self-control, or they reflect convenience, cheap, and dismissal.

A lifestyle is defined simply as the way in which a person, or group of people lives. I choose how I live, every day. I choose; good or bad. I hold the responsibility + power with my choices. This in mind, sometimes I need to take a moment to reflect on my current lifestyle before I can find motivation again or even bring my current fitness to the next level. So let’s do a simple reflective exercise to prime the pump for you this beautiful, fresh Monday morning…If you took one step back, surveyed your current fitness + nutrition lifestyle… what does it reflect?
If you’re a mom, do you choose to join your kids in the game of tag at the park? Or are you glued to your phone, scrolling Instagram while munching on “the kids snacks” you packed in case they get hungry? The choice each trip to the park, is yours alone. (I was a full-time nanny one summer to two VERY active kids, ages 8 + 10. Everyday they wanted to play outside, run, jump, tag, compete and move. I have never been more exhausted to fall into bed each night.) I understand as best I can-kids have energy; they require energy. They move faster and longer than us adults; but we shouldn’t miss the opportunity here. Opportunity to demonstrate to them the joy + gift of play! Playing with them sets their example: one is never too old to play. And play can be fitness. Play can bring toned legs and strong arms. So please momma, choose active. Choose play. Giggle, move, run with your kiddos- it’s just 18 years with them after all…

If you’re a young single, are you constructing your weekends to create a healthy, balanced life? Or do work late during the week trying to prove yourself in the office as the “new young professional” only to stay up even later on the weekends trying to catch up with friends sleeping away most your day Saturday/Sunday? The post-college age is full of such opportunity! We may not have our collegiate team relying on us to show up for practice, or a coach giving us daily workouts, but we can choose: to join rec leagues, play indoor soccer, hike to the mountain tops, pitch tents under the stars, complete a marathon or qualify for Boston, take up a new hobby playing tennis, start golfing with your dad, join a beachbody team or cook for yourself yummy clean eats from a Trader Joes that suits the young, healthy, on-the-go lifestyle. Please don’t miss that we too can play now… the art of being an athlete can remain. It simply takes creativity, intentionality, and prioritizing. (I’m currently always on the go because of my husband’s job. New places, new faces, new climates, new lifestyle. I constantly need to adjust how I exercise, what clean eating is available, and who I can find to be active with. But trust me; if I choose to prioritize it, I can find my way in all my new lifestyles. For example, I am 3 weeks in a basketball rec. league with girls I never knew before! I get to play, I have a team, I run/jump/burn calories all while making a fool of myself as the “nelson giant’s wife trying to make moves like him”. It’s active, it’s a blast, it’s new, it’s my choice.

If you’re a dad or husband, are you leading your family by example or do you work even when you get home from work ignoring how your child has been on Xbox for 4 hours since coming home from school? A dad/husband is an inspiring and precious position. You hold great influence over the environment of your home. If you lead, they will follow. I saw this first-hand in my dad, and I see it now in my husband. But it takes a choice to lead. Not easy, not convenient, takes effort, takes balance: but a worthwhile choice.

If you were honest with yourself during that exercise, what do you see in the reflection of your lifestyle? I want you to believe in the power of your choices. Daily choices with long term affect. The choice is hard, the path is painful, sweaty, inconvenient and full of sacrifice. But there’s such beauty + fruit reaped by the sower in the end….
- Strong arms, strong legs swinging your child around + around as they giggle.
- Even breathing when your child is asking for one more game of tag as the sun disappears.           
- New community built through a 1 hour rec game of basketball or soccer.
- Dreams birthed in the company of friends on a camping trip deep in the forest.
- Relationships deepened as a couple chooses to bike instead of watch tv.
- A man formed as a dad makes time each night for catch with his son.
- Diseases/sicknesses unknown because of well-looked after nutrition.  
- A daughter confident because her mom showed her how to cook.  

A life well lived, energy constant, body always ready for summer, and soul formed with inner strength- strength which can only come from the power to choose. The choice is always yours. Join me, choose today. Choose now.

Looking for 3 people who choose transformation now. I am starting a new challenge group starting July 1 and it’s my sole desire to help you stay motivated while creating a new lifestyle for yourself and/or your family. Email me:

Living in my choices,

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