Monday Motivation: Self-Love

Monday, 15 June 2015

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see your imperfections? The flaws on your skin, the areas you wish would change? The lack of muscle or the excess fat?


I do. I find myself so easily distracted by all the things that need to be fixed. Things which are all simply skin deep. Hair needs a better hydrating conditioner; arms could use some more muscledon’t get me started on the abs…etcetc etc. A commonly over looked enemy to our fitness + nutrition success is found in self-hate. Self-hate is stimulated by the mirror but continues to tax your confidence throughout the day. Who will perform better? The body who is told day in and day out it is too old, too fat, too ugly, not enough? Or the body who is told day in and day out: you can do this, you’re a fighter, keep working, I see your results, I’m proud of you, way to work hard today, you did good, you’re beautiful, I love you”?


You’re right. The second body will see greater results…compete stronger, jump higher, and actually achieve their goals. Self-hate is your worst enemy. We are created beings made in the image of God. Created to reflect beauty, reflect strength, reflect joy, and reflect all things good… we reflect God. Unfortunately, most of us don’t see ourselves this way. When we don’t, we lose the battle for a healthy, fit lifestyle. So how do we prevent this? Recognize that your body responds to self-image the way it responds to food. You get out what you put in. 


In order to change your body, you must begin to feed it properly, mentally + nutritionallyLearn how to love yourself now, so you will appreciate the results when you achieve them. To begin building a positive self-image, start your morning by admiring verbally (yes out loud) 2 things you like about yourself. Choose one that is skin deep, and choose one that is internal. Leave for your day feeding on those two thoughts. This will silence your inner critic, and feed your mind/body the positivity it needs to compete with itself!

Praying you find time to love yourself a little better today, 


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