Big Announcement!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Hellooo There!

Today is June 7, 2015... my 26th Birthday! What an amazing day it has been! Started with my husband making me breakfast, then worshiping our sweet Savior at church, followed by lunch, bike riding and the most delicious dinner overlooking the Nelson, New Zealand bay. As I sit here tucked in the final two hours of my special day, my greatest wish is to share with you the passion and new direction God has poured into my soul. FINALLY, MY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Cue the drum roll bdddrraaaaaa...

I have started a new ministry + business called Sown with Strength Fitness + Nutrition!! I am extremely proud of, excited and hold great expectations for this! I have joined the amazing Beach Body team with great hopes of helping people create + establish balanced, healthy lives.

Why a fitness + nutrition business? My greatest desire has been to find/create a job combining my love for people, my passion for fitness, my outgoing personality, and my desire to make an instrumental difference in even just one's person life. Sown for Strength is a business built for this; a ministry to people facing the giants in their lives and looking to overcome them. I believe we were created with the inner strength needed to transform our lives long term. The choice is always ours. I want to walk with others through their journey; coaching, encouraging and drawing them back to the "whys" for starting in the first place. Choose, and let's have some sweaty/clean eating fun!!  Read my personal story here

Who is the company behind the Coach Business Opportunity?  Beachbody is a successful 10-year old, 250+million corporation based out of Southern California. They create and sell the nation's most popular in-house fitness + weight-loss products- high-quality, well-manufactured DVD workout programs, gear, and nutritional supplement that have proven to work.

What are my goals? My goal is simple: help others!! To help others, I will implement the Beach Body products in tandem with challenge/accountability groups (find more info here) via Facebook! As an athlete, I understand the greatest motivation can be accountability- a team. Therefore, we create a team/ a community encouraging one another, trusting one another, sweating together, and achieving goals together! Another goal of mine is to create a strong team of coaches here at SWS. This team of coaches will be personally mentored by myself on how to create their own business + help others in their direct community. Long term, I pray we see the culture of obesity decreased, health on the rise and lives reclaimed to live out for the glory of the One who created them.

How can you partner with me? This is a brand new business! It has great need for YOU!

First, if you are a praying person, please pray with me that God would be the first one I seek for questions, the first one I thank for fruit, the first one I praise if one life is transformed, and the only one I believe to be fully capable of accomplishing what he has put in my heart to do.

Second, if you have any friends or family (which we all do ;) please refer them my way: my Facebook Like Pagemy website, Instagram Page or my contact: I will be providing consistent updates, clean-eating recipes, motivation, and tips through all of these platforms!

Third,  if you are a person who has any meaningful "why" (kids, spouse, upcoming vacation, too much food over the holidays, class reunion, hot date, etc) to transform your life from the inside out, please email me directly... I really really desire to help any/everyone... whether you simply want to tone up, or if you have more than half your body weight to lose- I want the great privilege of partnering with you! My goal is to help 3 people this month! Be one of the first three and I will send you via mail a few samples of shakeology!

Fourth, if you are a self-motivated individual who has a heart to help people by combining your love for fitness + nutrition then get on over to my coach intern application! Fill it out and I will be in touch to see how we can partner together through this special opportunity.

Thank you friends and family from the bottom of my heart... Because of you, I choose bravery over fear, dreams over settling, and Jesus over myself. I look forward to the ways God will move, the friends/community this will bring, and the lives that will be changed. To God be the Glory as Sown with Strength begins!

xoxo Court

"Be the Change You Wish to See in the World"
Photo taken by Maple+Elm Photography


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  2. This is a a really interesting opportunity for someone - not me I don't think though. A bit too early in my fitness journey to be coaching someone else just yet! But it's good to see how you want to spread your own story to other people and help them along in their own development- both physically and spiritually.

    Catarina @ Wild Fitness